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"Islands" of Many Firsts

Brant Rock and island don’t seem to go together even though those familiar with Brant Rock realize that the esplanade experiences flooding during extreme high tides or storm surges. Sometimes the water will invade from over the sea wall but mostly will come in the “back door” from Green Harbor . Even fewer realize that Ocean Bluff, beginning around 1st Road down to Brant Rock esplanade has been referred to as an island also.

Brant Rock Esplanade as well as the land from 1st Road to Rexhame. A motorist may not notice the two hills as Ocean Street or route 139 runs along the beach to Brant Rock, but bicyclists certainly will.

Earlier the islands were named Govenor’s Island and then later after their owners. Ocean Bluff was Hewitt’s Island and Brant Rock, Branch’s Island . Together, they would be called “ Spectacle Island ” as they resembled eye glasses. There were Algonquin, Missauctucket, Wampatuck, and Machippo Indians in this area before the Pilgrims landed. The Indians called Marshfield "Missaucatucket." Brant rock is said to have been named for Brant Geese.

The southern “island” is where we will begin our exploration. Parking is available on the esplanade, parking lot across from the Brant Rock Market and at the town pier and boat launch.

Table of Contents:

  • First canal in the new world - 1633

  • Massasoit's Peace Pipe

  • First cable news network – 1850

  • First two way trans-Atlantic to Scotland radio communications by spark telegraph

  • World’s First Radio Broadcast Christmas eve 1906

  • Resorts and Hotels

  • First two-way transatlantic radio transmission - 1907

  • Rum Runners

  • Great Fire Fire of 1941

  • Brant Rock Life Station

  • Six Ancient Shipwrecks

  • Brant Rock Inventions


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