"Magic" Rods - Finds Treasure Metal Detectors cannot.

$ 9.97

You can use the "Magic Rods" to locate buried or lost treasure and valuables metal detectors will not find.  Cash, bonds, diamonds, rubies as well as coins, rings, gold and silver bracelets, gold or silver pins and much more can and have been found using "Magic Rods."  The picture shown here represent a small sample of what has been found with our rods.

The Rods can also:

  • Answer questions with a Yes, No or Maybe

  • Point out in which direction the valuables you seek are located.

  • Find buried valuables,

  • Locate lost pets,

  • Locate Sunken or Buried Treasure, Water Veins, Underground Pipes,

  • Find Lost Children and Pets,

  • Identify Murderers, Thieves, Liars and a whole lot more

  • Amaze your friends

Pirates Used “Magic Rods” to Locate Treasure and More

In 1588 the defeat of the Spanish Armada brought the Spanish Galley Florencia into the harbor of Tobermory Bay in northern Scotland. She was badly damaged during battle and shortly after dropping her anchor in the harbor the ship exploded and sank. It was widely reported to have been heavily laden with gold and silver which today would be valued at Thirty Three Million Dollars.

Captain William Kidd, before becoming a famous pirate, was a successful businessman in Glashow, Scotland. Kidd employed a "dowser" from Yorkshire, England to search for the treasure ship Florencia of Tobermory Bay. The dowser was reportedly not only able to locate sunken or buried treasure but could also tell what was being detected by the rods: gold, silver, or copper.
de Vallemont, wrote in 1706:
"But, with the divining rod, it is possible to distinguish what metal is contained in the mine towards which the rod inclines. For if a gold coin be placed in each hand, the rod will only turn in the direction of gold, because it becomes impregnated with the corpuscles or minute particles of gold. If silver be treated in the same way, the rod will only dip towards silver. This, at any rate, is what we are told by those who pride themselves on their successful use of the rod."

Dowsing using rods, forked branches and other devices dates back to ancient times and the era BC. The very scholarly Abbé Le Lorrain de Vallemont of France who in 1693 published La Physique Occulte, or "Treatise on the Divining Rod and its Uses for the Discovery of Springs of Water, Metallic Veins, Hidden Treasure, Thieves, and Escaped Murderers" is quoted as saying: If one desires to find pirate’s gold, it is essential to believe in the divining rod and devoutly obey its magic messages.”

Combine an Ancient Method with Modern Technology and Locate Lost Treasures

Amongst the many things rods can provide is Yes or No answers to questions asked. Example: “Are there valuables buried in the sand on this beach?” The Rods will answer by swinging to either the Yes or No position. The Rods will also point to objects you want to find. Using just one Rod say; “Point to the valuables on the beach.” The single rod will swing to indicate the direction in which you should travel.
You can then either continue using the rods to uncover the treasure or switch to a modern day metal detector to complete the task of discovery. Should you decide to continue by using the Rods simply hold the two rods parallel to the ground and walk slowly in the direction the rods have indicated. The Rods will swing open when you are over the buried items.

Locate Lost Animals, Children and More

To find the lost animal or child etc, simply ask the rods i.e.: “Where is Fluffy?” The single rodwill swing towards the direction you should travel. We were at our cabin in northern Maine one January along with our new puppy “Skipper.” In the hustle and bustle of unloading the food, luggage and skiing gear; Skipper had wandered off somewhere. We were the only people at the lake located on the edge of the White Mtn Nat’l Forest. Which way had Skipper wandered? Our frantic calling of his new name went unanswered. What to do?  You guessed it; our “Magic Rods” came to the rescue. Skipper had crossed over the frozen lake and we found him right where the Rods had indicated he would be; huddled under the porch of a vacant cottage.

Identify Thieves, Murderers, Rapists and Liars

Odds are you will not have a need to use your Magic Rods to identify the type of nefarious individual mentioned above however; you may have a more mundane yet handy application for the Rods. For example: while you are off treasure hunting along the beach your return to find someone ate your lunch! All you need do to determine the culprit is assemble your group and ask the Rods “Who ate my sandwich?” The Rods will do the rest; case closed.

The "Magic Rods" come nicely packaged along with comprehensive, easy to follow instructions.  The Rods make a wonderful and unique gift for that "hard to buy for" friend or relative.