New England's Haunted Lighthouses

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Plan Haunted Lighthouse Tours:

Featured Lighthouses are grouped geographically making Tours of Haunted Lighthouses, Forts and Ships easy to plan.

Unique Collection of Haunted New England Lore:

A wonderful collection of intriguing stories of the Ghosts that Haunt New England Lighthouses, Forts and the Phantom Ships that still sail past them.

Table of Content
What is a Ghost                            

Light Characteristics                    
Lighthouse Markings                   
A Ghostly Quiz                          
New London Ledge Lighthouse   

Penfield Reef Lighthouse             
Southeast Light, Block Island      
Stratford Shoals Light                 
The Ghost Ship of New Haven    
Ghost Ship Palatine                    
Rhode Island:
Fort Adams                                 

Fort Wetherhill                             
North Shore
Bakers Island Light                  

Bird Island Light                       
Eastern Point Light                    
Ghost Ship of Salem               
Boston Harbor
Boston Light                             

Nixes Mate Island Beacon         
Long Island Light - Fort Strong  
USS Constitution                        
USS Salem – 139                        
Castle Island                               
Fort Warren                                 
South Shore
Minot Light                                 

Plymouth Lighthouse - Brown’s Bank                          
Scituate Light - Cohasset Shipwrecks                 
Cape Cod
Nauset Light 

Race Point Light 
New Hampshire:
Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse 

Fort Constitution a/k/a Fort William & Mary
South Coast
Cape Neddick Light 

Boon Island Light 
Ghost Ship of Harpswell 
Wood Island Light 
Ram Island Light 
Portland Head Light 
Fort Williams Park 
Mid Coast
Hendrick Light 

Marshall Point Light 
Matinicus Rock Lighthouse 
Fort William Henry 
Pemaquid Point Light 
Sequin Island Light 
Owl’s Head Light 
Fort Knox 
Jonathan Buck Monument 
Bold Coast
Mount Desert Light 

Prospect Harbor Light 
Winter Harbor Light 
West Quoddy Light 
Quiz Answers 

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