From the Graden of Eden to Plymouth Rock

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This book chronicles the six thousand year journey taken by the ancestors of Mayflower passenger George Soule and his wife Mary Beckett in arriving at Plymouth Rock in 1620. We follow two branches out of Eden; one arrives in Ireland about 600 BC, the other flows through Greece, Turkey and the middle east before going to Europe. Germany for a few centuries then into France where, in 1066, joined with the other branch in defeating the English at the Battle of Hastings.

Ancestors on the Tree Include

Kings, Queens, Czars, Emperors, Popes, Presidents, Trojans, Vikings, Knights of the Round Table, Biblical Figures, Heathen gods, Movie Stars, Writers, Artists, Poets, Celebrities, The Infamous and more

Even though we follow two branches of Mary Beckett and George Soule’s family, if one of the Mayflower passengers listed below is on your family tree then this information applies to you as well. Why? Because the book’s author is related to all on the list and it’s his families’ lines that are followed here. Therefore, because we share common ancestry, we are related and this information applies to you as well.

William Mullins, John Alden, Priscilla Alden, William Bradford, Myles Standish, George Soule, William Brewster, Mary Wentworth Brewster, Edward Doty, Richard Warren, Stephen Hopkins, John Clark, Richard More, Mary Chilton, John Howland

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