Audrey de Beauvoir Burbank/Johnson's Family Heritage

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How is it possibly to go back so far in time? Can this information be true and accurate?

Modern technology is wonderful. The computer along with the Internet, Google, and countless other resources provides instant access to records of all kinds. Birth, marriage, death, census and all sorts of other data is within easy reach of those who are interested enough and have the time to pursue it.

How can one go back so far you might ask? The answer is in two parts:


First, records regarding royalty have been kept since the beginning of recorded time.

Information regarding the birth, marriage, death and life activities of Kings, Queens, Pharaohs and the like are available back to times before the Christian Era. Such information for the Blacksmith, Baker, and Farmer etc. are scarce back more than a few generations.

The Bible plus Greek and Roman Mythology

Second, the Bible is an historical record not usually thought of as a genealogy research resource. Wasn’t I surprised when I discovered our family tree includes Mary, Joseph and the baby Jeses!! How’s that for a biblical connection?

Greek and Roman mythology it surprised me to discover, is another genealogy resource. Again I was shocked when following my line through these records I found myself related to ancient Greek and Roman “gods.”

Apparently, many kings declared themselves gods as well as saints and, as they were the king, who was there to dispute them? Certainly not the pagans of the day.

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