A Homeowner's Complete Guide to Energy Independence

$ 14.97

Can you Imagine NOT Having Heating or Utility Bills to Pay and Being Paid Thousands of Dollars Every Year Instead?

The author walks you step by step through the unintentional process that led to his 1970s two story colonial home becoming ZERO NET ENERGY (produce more energy in a year than is consumed). He now produces enough totally Green Energy to ELIMINATE ALL OF HIS UTILITY AND HEATING BILLS.

You will learn:

  • Low and No Cost Ways to Dramatically Reduce or Eliminate your Fuel and Utility Bills Saving Thousands of Dollars on heating and electric bills every year

  •     How to Earn Thousands of Dollars from your efforts

  •     How to get Tax Credits, Rebates, Energy Conservation Credits and Free Stuff to Help You Save Energy and BIG BUCKS

  •     Increase the Value of your home by much more than your investment

  •     Help reduce global climate change

The book will show you how, in one weekend and less than $100 in materials, you can save at least 20% of your heating and electric bills. There are many possible combinations of technologies and methods one can use to achieve money saving results. The book outlines them all along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

State, Local and Federal Credits, Rebates and special programs along with the dramatic reduction in the cost of the technology make the conversions extremely affordable as well as profitable. Our payback period was less than two years. In some locations, and certain combinations of technology, the cost may be next to nothing and in some cases doable at an immediate profit. The book outlines how this is possible by illustrating the various combinations of technology and finance options available

The second half of the book is a comprehensive listing of State, Local and Federal Grants, Credits, Rebates and Free Stuff and includes websites where the latest and up to date data can be found.


Not only are you saving and making money, you are:

  • Protecting the environment and 

  • Helping our country become Energy Independent


We had baseboard heat by oil. When we changed away from oil we not only saved lots of money but gained central air conditioning as a bonus. I can tell you it has been great enjoying a cool, humidity free home during the hot muggy summer days. Also, because we don't have an electricity bill to pay, it's FREE!!

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