A Cookbook for Unlucky Fishermen or "How to Cook Bait"

$ 14.95

Wow! What a neat gift idea for your Unlucky Fisherman!

The perfect gift for your boyfriend, father, husband, friend or brother who does a lot of fishing but not a lot of catching. "How to Cook Bait" is actually three books in one.

First, don't let the title fool you, the cookbook portion contains 126 really delicious recipes plus tips and tricks on cooking fish and shellfish.

Second, fishing humor - jokes, stories and yarns that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face, especially a fisherman's

Thirdly, tried and true Fresh and Saltwater Fishing Tips, 115 techniques and secrets from fishing experts that might just change your "Unlucky Fisherman's" luck.

"A humorous yet utilitarian guide to unique epicurean delights and successful fishing trips" Can't you just see the look of surprise and wonder on the face of the "Unlucky Fisherman" in your life when he opens this unique gift. Whether he cooks or not, you can be sure he will read this book from cover to cover, everybody does. My uncle Bob doesn't fish or cook and he read it, probably more for the humor than the recipes or fishing tips. A perfect gift for the person that has everything.

What people are saying:

"This cookbook is great! I use it whenever my in-laws come for dinner."
P. L. Copp

"I've never seen anything like it."
N. Heustis

"Everyone at work is talking about my bait lunches.People notice me now."
C. A. Reilly

"I look at bait differently since I've read this cookbook."
A. deB Johnson

"What a good book! ...lots of cute jokes and good recipes and fishing tips
Paulette Sawyer

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