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There is no region of America that has as rich and diverse a range of interesting and unique subjects as does New England.  Salty Pilgrim Press's goal is to bring as many of them to life in the most interesting way possible.  Stories of Pirates Treasure, Shipwrecks, Phantom ships, Haunted Lighthouses and Forts are a few examples.  

We have gone astray from our main theme in a couple of instances.  One is our book that chronicles how the publisher eliminated his need to purchase electricity or any type fuel to run or heat his home; or using technical terms, attain Zero Net Energy.  

Another is a collection of games and activities that children of all ages used to play before the advent of TV, computers and cell phones.  This one was written with the hope it would help parents, grandparents and others charged with the care and nurturing of our kids in getting their children "unplugged" and playing again.

One item that might be considered a bit off topic, although it has been in use for centuries by Pirates and others, is our "Magic Rods."  Pirates have been recorded as using "Rods" in locating both buried and sunken treasures and because Pirates are part of our theme.  .  .

We can be contacted by:

Email - captain@saltypilgrim.com

Telephone - 508 784-1200

Mail - 17 Causeway Street, Millis, MA 02054


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