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Pirates in Maine? Who were they? Why were they here? Details inside.

Find Maine's Treasures; where its been found and where you might find some. (There's more than just pirate's treasure to be found.)

Read about Maine's Maritime and Naval Disasters. More than 1,500 ships are reported to be on the rocky bottom all along the coast of Maine. Many of their stories are told with hundreds of wrecks chronicled by date, name and location

Table of Content

Treasure in Maine

John Phillips

Why did pirates bury their treasure?

Where treasure may be found

What you should know about pirates

Isle of Shoals

Pirates Elect the Captain

Sandy Gordon’s White Island Treasure

Articles of Agreement, or Pirate’s Code

Rubies of Boon Island

Sample Articles of Agreement

Treasures in Casco Bay


Mantinicus Island

History of Piracy

Pond Island

Disability Pay

Orrs Island

Pirate Myths

Johns Island

Ships of the Era

Penobscot Bay

Pirate Weapons

Bucksport Area

Other Names Meaning Pirate

Circus Ship Treasure

The Spanish Main

Treasure in Boothbay

The Brass Monkey debate

Mid Coast treasure

Meet the Pirates

Machias region treasure

Captain Samuel Argall

Allagash region treasure

Captain Dixie Bull

Inland treasure

Captain Kidd

Carpenter Ridge Diamonds

More Bad Luck

Native and Natural treasure

Letter of Marque has Name Wrong

Mother Lode of Gold – Southern Maine

Kidd’s Admission of Buried Treasure Ignored

Finding Relics and Old Coins

Treasure Ship Map

Finding Treasure on Beaches

Bad Luck Streak Continues

15 Best Treasure Hunting Sites

Black Sam Bellamy

Where to Find Gold in Maine

The Saga of Maria “Goody” Hallett

More Places to Find Gold

His lover is a witch

How to Pan for Gold

Goody Swallowed by a Whale

The Mechanics of Panning for Gold

Goody Hallet poem

Mineral & Gem Collecting Places

The Beginning of Bellamy’s Career

Rangley Area Gold and Platinum

Legend of Buried Treasure on Cape Cod

Verona Island Gold Mine

Was Bellamy Tricked into Eternity?

More lost treasures

Whydah Discover off Wellfleet

Benedict Arnold’s Gold

George and Rachel Wall

South Coast wrecks – where and when

Captain Sandy Gordon

Isles of Shoals Area


Isles of Shoals Shipwrecks

Blackbeard’s buried treasure

South Coast to Casco Bay

Jack Quelch

Details and stories

Edward Lowe

Nottingham Galley – 1710

Philip Ashton

Ghosts of the Wreck Sagunto

William Fly

Edyth Ann – 1865

Paulgrave Williams

Samuel J Goucher – 1911

John King – the youngest pirate

USCG Leader – 1919

Richard Nolan

Twin Wrecks at Cape Porpoise

Hendrick Quintor

The Wandby – 1921

USS Squalus (SS-192) – 1939

Shipwrecks Mt Desert and Downeast

USS 0-9 (SS70) - 1941

Machiasport Shipwrecks

The Skottland – 1942

Stories and Tales Mount Desert and Downeast

The William H Machen – 1943

Wreck of the Grand Design

The Empire Knight – 1944

HMS Halifax – 1775

USS Eagle 56 (PE-56) - 1945

The New York – 1826

Gruesome Tale of a Christmas Day Shipwreck

Schooner, Neptune’s Bride – 1860

Cape Elizabeth to Casco Bay – where and when

Bar Harbor Ferry Boat Disaster – 1899

South Coast Details and Stories of Wrecks

Ferry, Cimbria – 1899

Steamer Bohemian – 1864

The Alice M Davenport – 1902

Schooner, Mary Alice – 1869

Schooner, Annie Gus – 1905

Steamer, Cambridge

Great Storms on the Coast of Maine

The Anne C Maguire – 1886

The Storm of 1842

The Susan P Thurlow – 1897

Portland Gale - 1898

The Edward J Lawrence – 1925

42 Maine Vessels lost to the Storm

Steamer, Bay State – 1916


Cabin, Cruiser Don – 1941


USS S-212 (SS-126) – 1945


Freighter, Oakley L Alexander – 1947


Freighter ,SS Novadoc – 1947


Mid Coast and Penobscot Bay – where and when


Listing of Wrecks – Boothbay to Penobscot Bay


Stories and Tales – Mid Coast and Penobscot Bay


Pinnace, Little James - 1624


Galleon, Angel Gabriel - 1635


The Industry – 1700


USS Adams – 1814


The Royal Tar – 1836


The Georgia – 1875


Steamer, City of Portland – 1884


Tug, Cumberland


The A H Whitmore – 1903


Tug, D T Sheridan – 1924


S S Roosevelt


 John Phillips


The Penobscot Expedition – 1779


The Battle for New Ireland


Penobscot Expedition’s Order of Battle


Battle of Hampton


The Aroostook War of 1842


Ships lost in the Battle for New Ireland


Colonial Vessels Lost in the Battle for New Ireland


The British Side of the Story

Shipwrecks on the Bold Coast


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