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Why were there so many pirates on Cape Cod and elsewhere in New England? 

Learn the reasons why they were here and where in New England the pirate's located their "World Headquarters."   

Find out where a pirate ship, laden with 4.5 tons of treasure and just yards off Cape Cod in only 15 feet of water, has been found. Learn how to recognize when you are at the right beach by the sign authorities have posted to misdirect you but instead, inadvertently identifies the exact beach off which the treasure ship lies.   

Ever hear of the pirate's "Vocational Training Ship"? You might be surprised to see which famous pirates are on the list of "graduates."  Even more surprising is perhaps that the most famous of all pirates never ever was a pirate.  His story, which is a fascinating account of betrayal, intrigue, adventure and misunderstanding, is recounted .

Added Bonus - The many other locations throughout New England where pirate's gold, silver and jewels have been located and where more might be found are identified.
Learn why you may not need an expensive metal detector to uncover buried pirate treasure and what inexpensive common household item you can use instead.  

This is a fun read for folks of all ages with surprises and interesting facts are found on every page.

Table of Content

What you should know about pirates ... 1
History of Piracy .... 7 
Pirate Myths.... 10 
Pirate Weapons ... 15 
Privateers, & Smuggling ... 21
The Golden Age of Piracy and New Providence ... 34
Forbes List of the Top-Earning Pirates .... 58  
The Most Famous Pirate,
 Capt. William Kidd (1645 – 1701) .... 61
Black Sam Bellamy - Shipwrecks, Witches, Treachery, Sunken Treasure and, Ghosts .... 82
Was Captain Black Bellamy Tricked into Eternity? ... 92
Legend of Goody Hallett's buried treasure ....95
The Only Treasure Laden Pirate Ship Ever Recovered is Close Off Cape Cod... 97

Palgrave Williams, Rhode Island's "Royal" Pirate ... 105
Blackbeard the Pirate ...109
Captain Howell Davis joined with the “Flying Gang” ... 116 
Olivier Levasseur (La Buse) .... 119 
Thomas Cocklyn ....123
Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts. . . 124  Stede Bonnet  ...134
Black Caesar ...138
Thomas Arstis...141
Walter Kennedy...143
Christopher Moody...144
John Phillips ...145
John Rose Archer...152
Charles Vane...153
“Calico Jack” Rackham...159
Mary Read...161
Henry Jennings...168
Joe Bradish (Brodish)...170
Pirate Captain Jack Quelch...171
Pirate Thomas Pound...172
Ned (Edward) LOWE...175
Charles Harris...177
Philip Ashton...179
William Fly...180
Legend of Nix’s Mate Island...182
George and Rachel Wall...184
Charles Gibbs...186
Edward (Seegar) England...189
Where TreasureHas Been Found in New England...190
Hannah Screecham - the Witch of Grand Island - Cape CodEscapes...191
Legends of Treasure on Cape Cod...195
Treasure on the Isles of Shoals...200
The Legend of Pirate Sandy Gordon’s White Isle...203
The Blood Red Rubies of Boon Island - Maine ...209
Treasure in Casco Bay...211
Treasure in Penobscot Bay...218
Treasure in Boothbay...221 
Treasure -Mid Coast Maine...222  
How Pirates Used “Magic Rods” to Locate Treasure and More... 226
Finding Treasure on Beaches...229

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