Put it Down, Go Out and Play - Book

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How to Have Fun Without Smart Phones, Facebook or TVs

Childhood Play is Serious BusinessIf there is any truth in this statement, we then have the heavy responsibility of assuring that our children and grandchildren fill their "Storehouses" with as many interests as possible. That's why this book has been written.

Let No Child be Left Inside

It is when we are young that we first experience the excitement of adventure, gain the confidence to try new things and, develop our zest for life. It is through play that our children not only have fun, but more importantly, discover interests and develop skills that will last their lifetime.

We fill our "Storehouse of Interests" when we are young 
adding only a few to the list as adults

Have you noticed that kids today don't seem to know how to play? This book can help you change that. It is chock full of forgotten games that families and neighborhoods used to play.

 Childhood play truly is serious business.

Many studies have shown that childhood play assists in developing a child's: imagination, social skills, self esteem, ability to learn and physical fitness. A California Department of study indicates that a child's regular participation in outdoor activity produces a "measured mastery of science concepts by 27%".

This book will help your children learn to have fun without TV or Computers. The book doesn't just include games. Although there are a lot of games, many other activities are included which, although they are a lot of fun, are not actually games.

Help your children to become "Humans-Doing"
instead of just "Humans-Being."

These activities range from Animal Tracking to Whittling. There are: indoor, outdoor, single person, group, neighborhood and multigenerational activities and games to choose from. You will find an activity or game to enjoy that is suitable for any season regardless of the weather.

Added Bonus,

We have included and extra twelve activities and games bringing the total to 377  games and activities in all with interesting facts, inspirational quotes and humor sprinkled throughout the book.

"How to" Instructions are included to get you started with unfamiliar games or activities.

22 Categories of Games and Activities

Car Games

Running Games

Hiding Games

Card Games

Ball Games

Circle Games


Board Games

Winter Fun

Sand and Water Fun

Rope Games

Tag Games

Racquet Games

Fun on Wheels

Extreme Activities

Riding Fun


Motorized Fun 


Just Plain Fun


Make Things

One Person Activities


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